March 2004 to January 2010 – COLSA

IAT Program Manager.  Responsibilities include maintaining budgets and spending plans for Independent Assessment Team SES and General Officer consultants. Writing, revising, and reviewing internal IAT process and plans while adhering to COLSA Quality Standards and Policies. Interface with MDA Strategic Targets PMO, Army Aviation UAS PO, AMRDEC, COLSA engineering employees, and the government PM’s. Sub projects included enhancing the IAT data repository for COLSA. Maintained and grew six IAT efforts. Also severed as SME/engineering analyst for UAS PO and MDA T&C, on occasion.

Systems Architect. For Boeing GMD, perform elaborate architecture redesign of the DoDAF Systems and Services Architecture products for Build D into EC (European Capability.) Participate in the BMDS External and Internal Interfaces groups as the Systems Architecture GMD liaison. Participate as the Systems Architecture liaison to the Requirements, Capabilities and Interfaces group for Build D and EC builds. My core function was to write, review, and comment on various DoDAF architecture products in various Deep-Dive peer reviews.

Software Engineering Manager.  Responsibilities include extending SED’s CAAS Tactical Software Development Lab to execute SOA Test Coverage Analysis (TCA) task for 5V1 Flight Worthiness Qualification. Efforts include design and building software, hardware, negotiate contracts, and develop procedures to execute TCA. This also involves understanding Rockwell Collins ASL and 1553 test products, most notably Common Simulation Environment (CSE) and Virtual Integrated Software Testbed for Avionics (VISTA). Software languages Ada95 and Python are also used. Understanding of Solaris 8 and Rational APEX for Ada are needed for this task. A parallel software engineering effort into the study of a CAAS Common Digital Map for PEOAVN was also investigated and results were written into a report for PEO evaluation.

Awarded COLSA Engineer/Scientist of the Year 2005.

Prior responsibilities included providing the Army’s RDEC with engineering management, systems engineering, and software engineering support to define, design, build, and operate the Aviation Systems Integration Facility (ASIF). Provide software Tasks include presiding over the Software Requirements IPT and attending all other IPT’s. Served as Program Integrator for Lockheed Martin Orlando Army Technology Integration Center (ATIC) ATIC was to provide the core analysis capability for ASIF through engineering and Comanche residual program hardware. Provided management oversight, attended IBR, IPR, and reported directly to Army customer. Lead software engineering manager for ASIF Systems Analysis Suite (ASAS). Manage six software engineers and three engineering sub-contracts in the design and development of real-time and post process software tools to satisfy ASIF’s 5 Use-Cases. Serve as SME for ASIF in SEI’s AADL toolset. Technical manager for ASIF Tactical Software Development Lab. Serve as technical point of contact for ASIF sub-contract to SED to design and build CAAS AADL. Serve as technical lead on COLSA prime contract to Rockwell Collins for ASIF CAAS OFP Software Development contract. Technically serve as SME on CAAS and CAAS OFP to ASIF Army customer. For the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), served as SME in C4ISR, DoDAF, and GIG project manager and technical lead to the Missile Defense Performance Integrator (MDPI) program. Attended Requirements Engineering IPT’s and served as engineering executor for Task 216 “Integrating GMD into MDSE.”